Composite Doors vs. uPVC : How To Choose For Your Perth Home

Given that it’s one of the first things passersby or visitors will see, your front door is an element of your property that you’ll want to perfect, but how should you choose between uPVC and Composite for your home?

Image Source: CC0 Licence

uPVC vs Composite Doors

While both provide benefits including increased home security and simple maintenance, there are primary differences in the materials used as follows –

  • uPVC doors: uPVC doors encase an insulated steel frame to create a sealed, strong, and thermally-efficient unit.
  • Composite doors: These doors, which you can learn more about here are made from various materials including a steel frame, a timber core, and an insulated foam layer, all of which is encased in glass-reinforced plastic (GIR).

Varying Costs

Premium quality composite doors can cost as much as 60% more than uPVC doors. That said, with a generally higher-quality finish and a longer lifespan (30 years vs 20 for uPVC), those who have the budget to do so could more than benefit from investing in a composite selection.

Differing Finishes

A plastic outer layer can lead to a basic and plasticky finish on uPVC doors, while composite doors provide a more timber-like finish. Both options are, however, available in different colours, meaning that it’s possible to make either work with your property. With comprehensive collections of both composite doors Dundee and uPVC doors Dundee and Perth-wide, our team here at Eco Glazing is on hand to point you in the right direction for your budget, appearances, and requirements. Simply contact us today to discuss your options online or at 01738 314 114